I strive to build a tribe around Aimotion. According to the dictionary, a tribe is a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. For me, a tribe is the ideal means of cooperating, and will soon become prevalent in all spheres of life.

Aimotion is an organization propelled by vision.
Our vision is to become a market leader in the field of training and coaching.
The stakeholders of our tribe are all those who in one way or another are involved with and have a vested interest in Aimotion: our employees, trainers, customers, suppliers, guests, friends, and family members.
Our mission at Aimotion is to support all of our stakeholders in excelling through their authenticity.

I’ve organized Aimotion as a Tribe, based on four key principles:
Leadership is essential for a tribe. As a leader at Aimotion, I provide direction, clarity, and inspiration (rather than just managing).
The culture within our tribe is based on trust. Openness, responsibility, self-discipline, sharing, and facilitation are crucial in this context.
The business concept addresses our activities and target audience. How can we build a strong and sustainable company and service offering?
Interaction is vital for a tribe: both within the organization and with all the stakeholders.

In our tribe, jobs have been replaced by roles that serve to facilitate the daily activities and to embody the vision. The connections among the tribe members are fluid and flexible: some members are employees, others receive project-based compensation or work on commission, and some are just in it for the fun. A single person can fulfill several roles, within several organizations; for example – a customer can at times also work as a trainer.

At Aimotion, our shared vision and principles are what sets out tribe apart. Together, we are on a creative path towards fulfilling this vision, through innovation, renewal, and commitment to quality.
To build and grow our tribe, we need partisans. We need ambitious and open-minded customers, trainers, employees, suppliers who want to make a difference and who strive for excellence.

Most companies and organizations tend to become territorial and divide into isolated sub-groups. The Aimotion tribe does not conform to this “norm”. Our tribe members build lasting connections that extend far beyond the boundaries of the company. All this generates enormous added value, just as the saying goes “give more to receive more”.

The Aimotion tribe is extremely dynamic. Every day we find new and creative ways to fulfill our vision to become a market leader in training and coaching.

Do you want to join the Aimotion tribe as a customer, trainer, employee, supplier, or friend?
Or perhaps you have questions about our tribe or about my vision?
Give me a call at +31 (0)416 391172 or send me an email
I look forward to hearing from you!

Frank de Rooij