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Are you a trainer in-the-making who wants to work as an independent entrepreneur in an inspiring atmosphere? Together, let’s create the Aimotion tribe!

Before you can become a Top Trainer at the Aimotion tribe, you will follow a complete train-the-trainer program. You will become familiar with the best concepts in behavioral training, related to leadership, management, sales, customer-oriented attitude, and transformation in corporate culture. You will also learn all the tricks of the training trade, so that you will be able to inspire your training participants and help them grow.
You will work as an independent entrepreneur within the Aimotion tribe, which will provide you with an inspiring and motivating environment that will help you fulfill your potential.

What are the tasks of a trainer at Aimotion?
• As a top-trainer, you will independently carry out trainings.
• As an independent top-trainer, you will build your own customer base.
• You will get an opportunity to develop your strengths, based on your authentic self and on your personal development goals
• As a trainer at the Aimotion tribe, you will join with other tribe members to work on larger assignments, to inspire each other, and to develop and leverage commercial opportunities.

Are you the trainer we are looking for?
• We are looking for partisans: ambitious and open-minded individuals who want to make a difference and who strive for excellence.
• You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and are able to interact and think at the level of executives and managers.
• You have experience in a completely different profession, and would like to become a trainer. Alternatively, you are already a trainer and are looking to gain more depth and breadth in your expertise.
• You want to continuously develop yourself.
• You are willing to take the challenge to become an independent entrepreneur as a member of our tribe.

About Aimotion
Aimotion specializes in the development and implementation of behavioral trainings in the domains of leadership, management, sales, and transformation in corporate culture.
Our customers are among of today’s most outstanding individuals and companies.
I work with a team of the six best trainers and coaches of the Netherlands. Together, we inspire our customers to get the most out of their professional life.
Our mission statement is the best description of what we do: “Guide outstanding individuals and organizations towards their excellence through authenticity.”
At Aimotion, we specialize and focus on the following themes:
• Authentic leadership for executives and entrepreneurs
• Aligning people and corporate culture towards a specific vision and objectives
• How can managers bring out the best in themselves and their team
• How to excel at selling professional services

Would you like to become a Top Trainer? Send your motivation letter and résumé today to or go to our website
For more information, contact Marlene de Rooij at +31 (0)416 391172.