Fulfillment is a fundamental concept in psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and metaphysics.
Fulfillment is a search for the meaning and the purpose in our life, work, and remarkable events. But a search for fulfillment also should be accompanied by a quest to create fulfillment.

What motivates us to act? Fulfillment is acting with purpose. To be fulfilled is to be involved and to feel valued. You should be aware of what drives you, what inspires you, and what you aspire to achieve in your life.

Suppose you start working somewhere. After a certain time, you might discover that the same work and activities that used to inspire you have somehow turned into daily drudgery. If and when you dare to acknowledge those feelings, you start out on a path towards change and a search for fulfillment.

Finding your own way and discovering your purpose and inspiration is crucial for your personal and professional growth. This implies taking responsibility for your own life: initiating changes that will bring you fulfillment, instead of waiting for others to take care of you. You look for ways to grow and develop yourself through your work. Your choices are aligned with who you are as an individual. Searching for your source and caring for your spirit give you a sense of direction and depth in your life. Your personal development takes precedence over climbing the career ladder.

Great leaders can create a sense of purpose. They stand for their ideals and ideas. They are at all times authentic and professional. They embody both compassion and professionalism. Such leaders are then honest, courageous, and dynamic. They allow themselves to experience emotion, yet they are not swayed by it. They take the necessary actions within their organization, but also in life. They are both idealistic and pragmatic. Their leadership style inspires their teams to act with purpose and responsibility. Great leaders balance complex and seemingly contradictory values, such as spirituality and business, perfection and imperfection, the individual and the collective, quick wit and vision. The challenge for today’s leaders is to develop towards thinking and acting from the perspective of duality, rather than exclusion.

The new great leaders focus not only on the short-term results and profit (which is clearly no longer enough), but to create a harmony among material goals and spiritual values. According to the research of the Nyenrode University, this “new” leadership is characterized by higher levels of curiosity, flexibility, sense of duty, transparency, and focus on results. Such a leader is realistic, reliable, and result-oriented.

The development of a company or a corporation is determined by the development of its people. And the development of the people depends on the sense of purpose created by a leader.
Fulfillment at work is a proactive way to deal with any demotivating factors (such as stress), and also acts as a counter-balance for these factors.  Fulfillment provides motivation, energy, and also fun!

Aimotion’s expertise is to create both fulfillment and concrete results.

Would you like to know more about fulfillment? I can highly recommend the book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, written by the Viennese psychiatrist Victor Frankl. During the Second World War, Frankl was imprisoned in Auschwitz, which inspired his many insights about fulfillment and purpose.